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In late 1986, 12 women media practitioners met and saw the need to organize and form an organization that will promote women and girls’ issues. The result was the Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA), a membership, non-governmental,  non-partisan and not-for-profit organization registered on 17th November 1987 under the Societies Ordinance Cap 337 of 1954 with registration number (SO 6763). In 2004, the association complied with the 2002 NGO Act of the United Republic of Tanzania. In 2007, TAMWA was also registered in Zanzibar as TAMWA Zanzibar under Society Act No. 6 of 1995. 

Going to its 30 years of anniversary on media advocacy, TAMWA with a pride, in collaboration with other like-minded organisations, has contributed variously to the perceived transformation of the Tanzanian society including   the realization of the following:

  • The government enacted The Sexual Offences (Special Provision) Act (SOSPA) 1998 which criminalize carnal knowledge with a girl below 18 years and for the first time   criminalized FGM for a female below 18 years. Feminism Activism Coalition (FemAct), a gender movement bringing together more than 50 NGOs country wide, appointed TAMWA to lead the campaign for the enactment of the said law.
  • The repeal of  The Land Ordinance of 1923 and the enactment of the Land Act of 1999 and the Village Land Act of 1999, all of which reinforced the right of women to own land.  For the first time in the history of the country, the village Land Act of 1999, provided for the participation of women in land dispute resolution organs.
  • In the late 1990s, broke the silence on killing of elderly women due to witchcraft beliefs. Today witchcraft killing is a national agenda. 
  • The repeal in 2005 of the Zanzibar Spinster, Widows and Female Divorcee Protection Act No 4 of 1985 which sentenced to jail for two years, women who fell pregnant out of wedlock.
  • Empowerment programs increased number of women in parliament from 20 percent in 2000 to 35 percent in 2010 and for the first time a woman became Speaker of the National Assembly. The number of Local Government Women Councillors also increased from about 1, 200 (33%) in 2005 to 1,740 (about 35%) in 2010.

TAMWA with a kind heart wishes to thank you all for being always in front line with us, by giving out your time and support in one way or another to ensure the right of woman and child has stand in place. Religious organizations, Media both electronic and printed media, Journalists, Government organisations, and other like-minded organizations together with all people inside and outside the country from which together you made TAMWA feel confident and supportive in all that we do to restore the dignity and right of a woman and child in Tanzania.

Together we have done a great job in deed, but there will be no doubt from any of us that we have a difficult task in front of us. Raping, Sodomization, Early pregnancies, Early marriages and Toucher to women and children in Tanzania is still a notable and heard every day in society we live. It is a time now to add more effort and join force to eliminate all these kind of gender based violence against women and children.

The recent released police report shows that 2,571 children, both girls and boys, have been raped in Tanzania within the seven months period from January to July 2016. According to this report, the number of cases might be higher than the stated figures as most of rape cases happen without being reported.  According to the police, reportage of rape cases depends among other things, the awareness of certain region or district with regard to these types of gender based violence.

Tanzania 2015 – 16 Demographic and Health Survey  (2015-16 TDHS-MIS),  finds that out of 10 women 4 have experienced physical violence since age 15 while 9% of women have experienced sexual violence in their past year and 11% of women age 15-19 to 18% of women age 40-49 experience sexual violence. Report also shows that 1 in 10 women in Tanzania have been circumcised. This is to say, 10% of women in Tanzania aged 15-49 have been circumcised.

TAMWA through its Crisis Resolving Centre (CRC), supports over 3,260 GBV survivors all over Tanzania who experienced gender based from people they love and trust in both family and society they live, most victims being women and children.

Acording to the details above, Rape and Sodomy has seen to keep affecting much Women and Childrens in Tanzania. TAMWA during its 30 years anniversary, has planning to run compaign against rape. The main aims of this campaign is to rise awareness for people in their position from family level to national level, to fight rape and reveal those who involved in one way or another so that the law should take action on them.

TAMWA plan to build a safe house to accommodate GBV Survivors received via its Crisis Resolving Centre (CRC) for them to get support they need while waiting for recover from trauma.

TAMWAalso, plan to offer economic support to GBV survivors received, this will be by training them to become small entrepreneur with skills enough to become economic productive and liberate themselves financial  with the fact that poverty contribute oppression to what they gone through.

For this reason, TAMWA has invested the farm with 100 acres located at Msufini – Kibaha. Current plan is to build Small scale industries to be used by women for industrial production activities which will also join hand with government plan for industrialization to create employment.

Your support is highly needed, as a TANZANIAN who wish to see a peaceful Tanzanian society which respects human rights with a gender perspective and free a Woman and Child from GBV who seems to be most victim.

Join hand with TAMWA by contribute the little you have, Let’s fight gender based violence, let’s fight rape, let’s free a Women and Child of Tanzania. Remember, THE HAND THAT ROCK S THE CRADLE RULES THE WORLD.

Donate via CRDB Bank: Account Number 01J2027600600 Account Name is Tanzania Media Women's Association.

For more information call our numbers  0222772681 or 0222771005.


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