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1.0. Brief Description of TAMWA

TAMWA is a non-partisan, non-profit sharing professional media membership association registered in 1987 under the society’s ordinance cap 337 of 1954 with registration number so 6763. The association also in 2004 complied with the new non-governmental organizations’ (NGO) law of 2002 with 0NGO1886 registration number. For operational purposes, TAMWA is also registered in Zanzibar under society act no 6 of 1995 with registration number 493. TAMWA has offices in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. TAMWA started with 12 media women, but the membership has grown to   more than 160 women journalists. TAMWA has 34 years’ experience in partnership with other organizations, advocating for women and children’s rights through the use of media. TAMWA’S mission - to advocate for women and children’s rights by conducting awareness raising activities for cultural, policy and legal transformations in the society through the use of media. TAMWA visions, to havea peaceful Tanzania environment which respects human rights from a gender perspective.

2.0. Purpose and Objective of the Assignment

The baseline survey Advancing Media advocacy to Rural and Urban Women and Girls’ SRHR in Tanzania aim at enhancing the project towards enriching media practitioners’ skills in promoting sexual and reproductive health rights outcomes in Tanzania. The project focuses on the increasing competencies of media practitioners on reporting SRHR OUTCOMES, targeting the Mainstream Media (TV, Newspapers and Radio) Community radio Online Media in order to increase the proportion of media sensitization on SRHR contents. 

3.0. Strategies to achieve the purpose and the objective of the projects

To come up with scientific ground of the project goals, ensure effectiveness and efficiencies of the project, TAMWA is conducting a baseline survey to inform the current SRHR media contents and the media practitioners understanding of the SRHR but also understanding best media channels for SRHR issues.  The findings will enable the project team to come up with the relevant training manual or tool that will help TAMWA to build capacity, support and motivate media practitioners to cover SRHR issues including training. 

4.0. Terms of Reference 
4.1. Familiarize with the proposal to understanding the goals of the project 
4.2. Develop data collection questionnaires
4.3. Lead in the implementation of high-quality data collection with adequate field testing and supervision of all data collection and data entry, including ensuring consent from all participants.
4.4. Analyze the qualitative data collected, including content/thematic analys
4.5. Facilitate a survey validation meeting with TAMWA staff as well as other identified stakeholders
4.6. Writing draft and final reports as well as incorporating feedback
4.7. Proposing the SRHR training tool for the media practitioners in accordance to the survey results and needs assessments.
Mode of application: Send your cv to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thurthday March 09, 2023.

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